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Chapter 7

How does filing for bankruptcy provide a fresh start? For an individual living in the Baltimore area, a chapter 7 bankruptcy erases debts through what is known as liquidation. What does that mean for you? Most of your consumer debts such as credit cards, medical bills, repossession balances, apartment complex arrears, and personal loans can be eliminated in a chapter 7 filing.More importantly, a bankruptcy filing will Stop Collection Calls, Stop Garnishments, and Stop Foreclosure.
At the conclusion of your bankruptcy case, if eligible, you are entitled to receive an order discharging you from any personal responsibility to pay back the consumer debt. For example, Sam A. files bankruptcy to stop a garnishment on his check for a balance owed on a repossession. Upon conclusion of the bankruptcy case, an order of discharge is entered and Sam is no longer responsible for paying the repossession balance.
Please note that some debts are non-dischargeable and survive the bankruptcy, such as alimony or child support and fines by governmental entities. Some individuals may be forced to sell off some of their assets to pay back debts.Always consult a knowledgeable Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer before taking action.

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Quick facts about chapter 7 bankruptcy.
1. Eligibility is income based for individuals.
2. 8 years between filings.
3. You can keep your car and home as long as you stay current on your payments.
4. Exemptions available: Used to protect certain assets.
5. Otherwise known as straight bankruptcy.
6. More straightforward and less-time consuming than other types of bankruptcy.
7. Pre-filing and post-filing credit counseling and financial management courses are required.

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