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Eligibility For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Under the old bankruptcy law almost any resident of the United States could file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The new bankruptcy law includes a two part test of Chapter 7 eligibility. The first test applicable in every Chapter 7 filing is the "means test." The means test is a mathematical formula to determine who may (and who may not) be eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The means test applies only to people whose debts are primarily consumer debts. Consumer debtors include credit card debts, car debt, or mortgages for the primary residence. Many people are forced into bankruptcy because of non-consumer debt such as debts from a failed business, large business related judgment or delinquent mortgages on investment real estate. Those people whose debts are primarily business or investment debts, or debtors who owe primarilty other non-consumer debts such as taxes or student loans, are exempt from the means test; these people may file Chapter 7 bankruptcy regardless of their income and expenses. Most importantly, if your family income is less than the median income for similarly sized Florida households you too are exempt from the means test. As of October,2010, the Florida median income for a two-person household is approximately $49,000. The median income for a single person is approximately $39,000.

The means test formula is designed to evaluate whether the debtor has the financial means to pay back a substantial part of his debts in a repayment plan through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The means test formula considers measures of income and allowable expenses. If, according to results of the formula, you do not have sufficient net monthly income to repay debts you are eligible to file Chapter 7; if the formula says you can repay your debts you are not eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy unless you prove "special circumstances" of hardship such as a recent job loss or medical problem. If you flunk the means test you may be eligible for relief in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The means test formula is very complex and several of its important terms are counter-intuitive. The formula incorporates a variety of government statistics from several sources as well as information about each debtor’s financial situation. Calculations under the formula are difficult to do without a professional computer program designed for bankruptcy attorneys to prepare bankruptcy petitions.

Passing the means test creates a presumption of eligibility to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but the means test is not the only test applicable to Chapter 7 eligibility. The new bankruptcy law includes a secondary test under Section 707(b) known as the "good faith" or "abuse" test. The United States Trustee, or any other party in your case, can request the Court dismiss your Chapter 7 filing if it appears that the filing was done in "bad faith" or was otherwise an "abuse" of the bankurptcy system notwithstanding the fact that the debtor passed the means test. The abuse or good-fairthtest is applicable only in those cases when the U.S. Trustee or other party files a motion to dismiss. If in the light of all relevant financial and family circumstances it appears that you have the ability to repay a significant amount of your unsecured debts a Court could dismiss your Chapter 7 if the filing appears to be abusive. Whereas the "means test" is mostly a objective mathematical computation, the "abuse" test is subjective. The court must consider all relevant circumstances in evaluating the U.S. Trustee's allegations of abuse. Therefore, it is difficult to predict with certainty whether debtors above median income can survive allegations of bankruptcy abuse under Section 707(b). Different court decisions have expressed a variety of facts and circumstances relevant to findings of abusive Chapter 7 cases.

The abuse or good faith test is not applicable to debtors below median income, nor is it applicable to debtors above median income who are excused from the means test because their debts are primarily non-consumer debts, such as business debt and taxes.

The new bankruptcy law imposes restrictions on repeat bankruptcy filings. You may not obtain a discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy within 8 years of the filing date of a previous bankruptcy in which you received a Chapter 7 discharge- the prohibition is 8 years from the prior filing date rather than the prior discharge. There is a 6 year wait after a prior Chapter 13 discharge. Thus, a debtor may obtain a discharge in a new Chapter 7 cases as long as 6 years have passed since the filing of a prior Chapter 13 chase in which a discharge had been granted. In addition, there is no time restriction on obtaining a discharge in a new Chapter 7 case after a prior Chapter 13 case in which a discharge was granted if 100% of the allowed unsecured claims where paid, or in which the actual payments under the previous Chapter 13 plan comprised at least 70% of the allowed unsecured claims in that case.

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