Many consumers who are behind on their bills dread the thought of telephone calls from collectors. Bill collectors can be intimidating, but no consumer should live in fear. After a person files for consumer bankruptcy, these calls are not allowed. If you follow these rules, you can answer your telephone with greater confidence even before filing for bankruptcy.If you think you can catch up on your debt soon:
Be truthful. Lies will surely come back to haunt you. Don't tell a bill collector that "the check's in the mail" if it isn't. Your lie or promise will likely be recited back to you in a later telephone call.

Take notes. The collector will be taking notes, and you should too. Keep track of what you told them and what they told you. Also, write down the name of the person with whom you spoke and the date and time at which they called. This information will be helpful if you speak with someone from this company again.

Explain a temporary financial problem. If you're experiencing a temporary setback in your finances, go ahead and explain the situation to the collector. They may give you time to get through your situation. However, you should always keep Rule #1 in mind – tell the truth.


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