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Documents Needed to Review Your Case

Documents Required to Review Your Bankruptcy Case

As your Maryland bankruptcy lawyer, I need the following documents and information to determine whether or not I can help you with your bankruptcy case. It may take some time  to get everything together but it is critical that you get everything so that I can properly asses your situation. The following documents are required:
  1. Six (6) months proof of income – Pay stubs or Profit and Loss Statements
  2. 3 Credit Reports
  3. 3 of the most recent tax returns
  4. Photo ID and Social Security Card – A valid form of photographic identification and Social Security Card or W2 is required to hold your meeting of creditors.
  5. 4 most recent bank statements
  6. Mortgage Payoff Statement
  7. Car payoff statement
  8. Deed
  9. Deed of Trust
  10. Titles to Vehicles
  11. Appraisals
  12. for real estate property
    Kelly Blue Book or NADA for vehicles
  13. Our completed questionnaire – Intake Doc

Do not let debt control your life. To discuss your case with a bankruptcy lawyer, call 410-849-9529.

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