Chapter 13 Wage Deduction Order For Defense Industry Employees

Chapter 13 plans have a very high completion rate when debtors agree to pay using a wage deduction order. Payment is more likely when deducted from your paycheck as opposed

Bankruptcy Court Says No Liability For Assisting A Debtor's Fraudulent Transfers Or Conversions

A fraudulent transfers and fraudulent conversions prior to filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be detrimental in two ways. First, the Chapter 7 trustee can reverse the transfer or conversion, take the property back from the transferee (recipient), and sell the property for the benefit of your


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Connecticut Bankruptcy Records Search

7 Million Searchable Bankruptcy Files Stop paying for leads! Bankruptcy Database The primary purpose of Chapter 7 is to eliminate debts. Of course, not everyone is entitled to file and not all debts are wiped out by Chapter 7. This chapter provides that only particular individuals may file, and only particular debts may be discharged. Depending upon each person and the nature of their debts, Chapter 7 is different for each person - i.e. Chapter 7 is an organic concept that may, or may not be your best choice. In practice nevertheless, most individuals do receive a

Alabama Bankruptcy Courts (AL)

How Alabama courts verify assets, titles, liens and financial information All people who file should know that once a petition and related schedules are filed, the court automatically sets deadlines and begins verifying information. The statement of financial affairs contains a large volume of personal information from past transactions, including financial accounts, deposits, taxes and previous property conveyances. Upon filing, the court, through the assigned trustee, begins a process of verifying assets owned. With plentiful data available via computer networks with other government agencies, supplemented in some cases by data from private corporations, records of ownership, title, transfer and liens are gathered almost instantly. Finding Alabama Bankruptcy Court Locations and Assistance:

Prisoner Petitions – Kentucky (KY)

Prisoner Petitions – Kentucky (KY)